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Umami Dust

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Umami Café®

A whole new category of seasoning, Umami Dust can be added to any protein or vegetable as a flavor-enhancer, which is all natural and MSG free. Use Umami Dust On Umami Dust is great for all kinds of proteins like burgers, steaks, chicken, pork, tuna, salmon, or any type of fish. How To Use Umami Dust Pat Umami Dust generously before grilling, sautéing, or baking. Shake it over vegetables, sprinkle over salads, or add it to your own house-made rub (or any rub for that matter) to give it a little Umami, crave-worthy edge. You could even add a pinch to your Bloody Mary for a burst of Umami flavor on a Sunday afternoon. 3.2oz

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